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The scenery of Jyogasaki(The natural research route)
Please click a photograph to see a big photograph.

The terrible big wave surges. This place is a cliff cliff. See this photograph attentively,please.Is there a person? There was not a person except the fishing person.
When passing a hike course, you can see such a place. This is stone like meteorite. See this photograph attentively,please.Is there the squirrel? This is a historical site.
When fishing, put on a life jacket,please
Because there is a dangerous place, be careful,.please. You can go to such a place, too. There is a way of being serviced, too.
You can see wonderful scenery here. This place is a frightfully long hike course. This photograph is the scenery of the sea which was seen from the mountain. There are a lavatory and a parking lot near this place.

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